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Quality of Herbs Spices and Seasonings by Spice Supplier World of Spice


World Of Spice import only the highest quality herbs and spices.  We understand price is always a concern for our customers, we strongly believe in offering excellent value for money, whilst never compromising on quality.

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When looking considering price vs quality from a wholesale spice supplier, you have to ask the following question;

What will you use our wholesale herbs and spices for?


Wholesale Spices at Affordable Prices

Spices are the ultimate in food flavouring. The main use of our wholesale spices is for flavour and improving the appearance of food. The price for this significant culinary improvement, in terms of the percentage of cost of the entire meal, is tiny!
From master chefs to keen enthusiasts, we found that people buying herbs and spices are interested in cooking and adding flavours, and therefore many amateur cooks are looking to achieve the same result as culinary professionals. So whatever way you look at it; the flavour, taste, smell and appearance are the most important quality of any herb or spice.




As a quality wholesale spice supplier, we ensure we get consistence quality with our herbs and spices through building good relations with spice suppliers abroad, a good business relationship means that our suppliers know and respect our core values in regards to quality. They work with us to ensure that we stay competitive while maintaining our expected high standard.

All suppliers are assessed annually to ensure that they are running their business to our expected high standard.

World of Spice use a fully documented, fully traceable quality system approved by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and using the principle of HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points). Our system is also audited annually and we are graded by the BRC depending on how well our system and controls are being maintained, we currently hold an “A” grade. The means that our customers can have that assurance that our products are safe.


Other Important Considerations


The plastic jars that are used are certified fit for food use, they also contain special properties to stop any leaching of the plastic into the spices. This is important as spices can be very corrosive to plastics. All food contact packaging is tested on arrival at World of Spice and not used until it has passed.

Below are some other features and benefits for the PET jars:


1/ The jars contain a UV inhibitor which protects the herbs and spice from the light, this keeps them looking fresher for longer


2/ The jars are induction sealed, this is a very strong air tight seal in the cap that is applied by using a high temperature to activate the adhesive. The 2 main benefits being that it keeps the product very fresh and importantly acts as a tamper evident so you can be sure that you are the first person to open that jar.


3/ All our caps only require a quarter turn to take the lid off. This is very important to any one working in a kitchen as it can save a lot of time.


4/ The jars have a large enough opening that allows a consumer to get a table spoon or even a hand into the jar. This is very usefully and time saving feature. Shaker caps are useless as you have to pour or shake the herbs and spice out, have you ever tried it? It does work. Most recipes will say use a pinch of or teaspoon of, of table spoon of. The benefit of our jar is that you can easily access and remove the quantity you need without making a mess.


5/ The caps reseal tightly on the jars which is a great benefit in any kitchen as they keep the product dry and protected. A good benefit in a kitchen with water and steam about.


6/ Our label are produced using the very latest technology which keeps them fresh and vibrate. All the inks used are indelible and so they will not disappear when wet, very useful when you are handling them with wet hands.


7/ Due to the shape of the jars they can easily and safely be stacked on each other, a great space saver in any cupboard.



How do we Compare?


We have taken select samples from the major brands and found that the quality we offer, in terms of flavour, taste and aroma, is far superior.

This difference in flavour and smell is not technical. We have taken samples around the trade and people cannot believe how big the difference is.  “You really can Taste the Difference”. 


 Below are some examples of how some herbs and spice and be cheapened



Pepper can be cheapened 3 main ways:

1/ Spent Pepper – the oils are extracted and sold separately.  The left over (spent) pepper is flavourless and therefore very cheap. There is no residue left over from the process and this is legal as it is still pepper.

Result : Low volatile oil, low flavour and smell.


2/ Pin Heads- This is the dust left over from processing which is placed back into mix. This is mainly made up of outer shells which contain very low volatile oil.


Result : Low volatile oil,  blackens the colour, low flavour and smell.


3/ Addition of Berrys – this is still classed as pepper but when added massively increases the bulk density, therefore making it heavy . They are also very very black which darken the end result.


Result : Increased bulk density, blackens the colour, Low volatile oil, low flavour and smell.





In the Netherlands breadcrumbs are added to the nutmeg during grinding, this is mainly to make it easier to process as the nutmeg is very oily. When grinding pure nutmeg you would require a cryogenic mill which reduces the temperature so the oil breaks instead of turning into a sticky mess.

 In Europe the main issue is the addition of spent nutmeg, oil is extracted from the Nutmeg and sold, the remaining powder is sold as Nutmeg at 5% of the original cost. Legally it is still Nutmeg but the flavour is greatly reduced.





As well as spent cumin the use of storks is used to cheapen the cumin. There is a control in Europe where the storks must not exceed 30% to 40% but as the storks contain no volatile oil the presence of the storks offers not advantage to the consumer. The storks are often visible as white specs.



Curry Powder and other Seasonings


For years Curry powders have been cheapened with Chick Peas, Red Split Lentels and Greenpea flour. These products are very very cheap and widely accepted in the Chinese market.  The diluted curry powders are generally 4 to 5  times cheaper than a pure curry powder.

These same methods of diluting are used in other seasonings.




Oregano that is brown in colour indicates that it is either blended with another herb or had the volatile oil extracted from it. This not only significantly cheapens the product but the colour and flavour are reduced. (See Pictures)

Oregano can be blended with Sandalwood Leaves, Laurel Leaves, Strawberry Laves, Myrtle Leaves for example.


If you're looking to buy spices online, look no further than Q Spice, the leading supplier of delicious herbs and spices across the UK and beyond.